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Enlightened Belt

Princess Piggietails

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Hey guys,

Where does the Enlightened Belt drop exactly?  The tool-tip says Junghado but I have never seen it yet from him.  I also notice that some of the other items such as the enlightened ring say it is from him as well, but I have gotten them off the azure lord on floor 6,  So basically, is the enlightened belt from floor 7 only, or can it drop elsewhere and I am just stupidly unlucky?

Thanks in advance. ^_^


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7 minutes ago, Tsuchiryu said:

For either Siren or Pirate (purple ones) Belt, I believe. Don't remember which one.

for true siren accesories, when trying to get past 5 while at true siren for ring, neck, ear and for belt when trying to get past 5 on awakened siren.

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