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Art Shop 5/5 Slots OPEN


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First, this is all really new to me (being in the forums, and BnS in general) so please be patient with me!

Okay so just to keep things simple for me and you, I'm only offering busts (for now) pricing at 30g each! (Lyn Summoners can get their familiars added in for 45g)

Here's an example using my character~










The shop isn't just for lyns though so for more of my style here's my DeviantArt and Tumblr (If you're looking for commission of higer qualit/non BnS related, feel free to msg me on either site or email!)


Okay so T.O.S (copy/pasted from another shop):

- full payment upfront, I will not start until then

- Please do not alter (including removal of watermark/signature), copy, nor claim any of my art as yours

- You may not resell nor profit off my art; only for personal, non-commercial use

- I have the right to turn down your request if it is too complicated, I do not feel confident/comfortable enough to draw it, or my commissions are full/closed

- Please understand that despite having a list of commissions, I may still draw personal art for myself and/or others

- Art will be finished in order of when I’ve received payment

- Expected time of accomplishment is minimum 1 week to maximum 2 months from when payment was sent

- Please do not rush orders 


  • Orders are non-refundable
  • If there are important details about the order I should take note of, please tell me in advance
  • Gold payments from other servers will be accepted through cross-server dungeon loot auction


Order Form

By proceeding, it means you have read and agreed to all my terms.

Copy/paste and remove my text (in parentheses).


Reference(s):  (Clear visual refs with close-ups and full body front visible please)

Personality: (In a few words is ok)

Notes: (Any important details I should know)

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I have thirty gold, and I would like to be a part of this; what is the best way to contact you to complete the initial transaction?



IGN: Eli                                     [Server: Poharan]

Reference(s):   Click Here    (I can get more images if necessary)

Personality: This is how he feels...   <-------[Click here]

Notes: You asked for a full body shot, but I would really prefer it more if you could focus on the face and ears :) (like the example)


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5 hours ago, Tearrun said:

Oh cool... alright I will be sure to save up my gold for one of your beautiful drawings.. I am dying to see my cute Lyn Drawn X3

take your time! i got plenty of love for all the lyns omg

3 hours ago, akaashi said:

oooommmmmggggg your art is so cuteeee, i am now tempted to buy from gold sellers for your art ;A;

thanks so muchhhhh <3 <3 <3

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alrighty I got 30 gold so I would like a commission as well *^*


IGN: PrinceXiao (server: Dochun)

References: http://imgur.com/a/sWTFC

personality: flirty, nice and sweet xD

notes: hmm well i would like him making a sexy face  lol maybe with him with his tongue out licking the corner of his lips in a seductive manner? xD 

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