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FPS Issue

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I'm having an issue with my FPS gradually dropping. I play on a lower populated server and at the initial release of the game I was at a steady and reliable 60 FPS. A month or two back my FPS dropped to about 40 FPS which isn't bad at all and I was still playing quite comfortably. 


About a day ago my FPS dropped to a maximum of 15 even with minimized graphics. It's been a lil bit annoying to play for me...  (I can play about the same with maximized graphics; which is pretty strange to me). Is there a good way for me to increase my FPS?


Things I've done so far:

1. Virus scan (I'm clean)

2. Updated graphics card

3. Optimized game

4. Uninstalled inactive programs/limited programs that run at start

5. Made sure my windows is updated

6. Currently in the process of reinstalling my game


My setup is as follows: 

GPU: GeForce GTX 980M

CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz

Memory: 16 GB RAM 

Resolution: 1920x1080, 60Hx

Driver version: 364.51

OS: Windows 10


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