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Mushin 3F gear requirement?


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As the title says what kind of gear do you HAVE to have. As I just got my KFM to 45. got the poh soul shield. even as low as the 3rd floor is a joke and massive rage fest.... how Am I supposed to gear if I should alrdy have gear to do this?

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 Mushin Tower is not about gear, its more about your tactics for each floor and also your skill set up.


I cleared 7 floors the day of release with only full infernal gear and had no deaths and no issues, however I already knew each boss mechanics from CN servers.


You need to change your skill build for each floor, and have a build specifically for each floor, NOT your main generic build you use while running group dungeons or PVP, these builds will not work, at least not efficiently in tower.


 As a rough guide for floor 3 you need to set up a good AOE build, but for the first times in floor 3 its about the tactics, DONT go to the boss in the middle, go down either the right or left side and pull the first pack of 3 mobs only, the boss will run over, this is were you need to CC stun etc and AOE like crazy also keep moving, back and forth or around in circle, NEVER stand still, once that pack of 3 is dead, pull the next and keep doing this until you clear all the room. once dead the mobs dont respawn.


 If the first boss dies, back off, wait for next boss to come and them continue around the edge of the room , pulling each pack of mobs one pack at a time, ideally you want to have all the mob packs cleared before the last boss comes into the room, then its pretty easy. 




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What's your weapon ? What skills are you using ? As a KFM you should change your specs a little bit in order to efficiently AoE. What I personally do :


- Spec Comet Strike T4F2. It becomes a spammable AoE nuke and its instant cast after a dodge

- Pull the entire room, use Q/E to dodge 3 attacks and get full agility stacks (which means 100% evasion rate)

- Hit Fighting Spirit + V (Tremor, specced down the middle tree to AoE pull everything into the fire puddle)

- Spam Comet Strike


Everything should be dead before your agility stacks end, even with only True Profane weapon and PoH soulshield. If not, you can still use Counter -> Iron Shoulder (T3F2) -> Hellfire Kick for a quick focus-free nuke. After everything around the room is dead, you just have to kill the lil bosses that spawn, then 1v1 Bomani, very easy.

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Hmm mmkay.. atm as KFm just got 45 itsd like awakened sire or something like that..I think.

I got to the point where that KFM boss spawns with his little ranged mobs.. T-T can't block or Q-E those from ranged..

But I will try both the ways you two posted.. cheers.


BUT FIRST.. daily time xD

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