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Issues around "orbs" not being created on kill


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One particular issue that I've noticed with some classes that have "orb" mechanics (like Blade Dancer and Warlock, for example) is that orbs are not created if an attack that would create an orb kills an enemy.


So say you use Sunder and it crits. Normally this would create 1 wind focus on Blade Dancer, but if the enemy dies as you use it then nothing happens. The same thing happens with Warlock as well. If you kill something with Dimensional Salvo, for example, you won't create a spectral orb when it normally would upon hit. This probably happens with more classes in different ways (i.e. any attack that creates a buff of some sort on hit that ends up killing an enemy) but I can't remember anything else.


Edit: I think this happens with FM flame and frost orbits too but I don't really remember since it's been a while since I last touched my FM.

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