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Thingy borrows humans camera ;D...


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Hi thingy here again :DDD


After days of spying on the humans I managed to sneak up to one when he was sleeping to have a closer look what they carry around for weapons!

I found this human had no weapon and was walking around with only one thing!

A camera.... So I borrowed it ;D... He was sleeping anyways and took 3 shots and of the nature I think he should have with him. ;D

I'll show you later how I spy on the humans a bit! and reveal some of my notes in my ULTIMATE SECRET LYN SPY BOOK OF HUMANS! o.O I have learned so much working with humans big caves and recently I was locked in a big maze that I helped some humans get out from.... And they helped me... OK WE TEAMED UP!

But here are the 3 nice screenshots I took 1080 resolution ^^ They like magic O.O!






- Thingy

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