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Get used to the Bots. They'll be around for a while.

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Regarding the game economy, bots, and RMT.


When the game was created, it was flawed. The game caters to bots.

  1. Resources that players want can be obtained by other players.
  2. Fake players (bots) can also obtain those resources for profit.
  3. Players can spend real money to obtain in-game resources.

Until one of the above is invalidated, bots will exist.


If you really want bots gone completely, you have 3 solutions.

  1. Completely remove the need to farm resources.
  2. Completely remove the ability to trade (market, mail, gold, etc).
  3. Make bots unprofitable (remove f2p).


As a player, would you rather play BnS with bots or with one of the 3 solutions implemented?
The answer for most players will be neither. That is why NCSoft is reluctant to make a quick decision. They'll keep telling you that they're working on a long term solution until they actually have one (1 of the 3), or until the players realize that they're not doing anything (like how every other region is handling it).


So here's my suggestion. Play the game knowing why they exist. Understand that most of the game can be enjoyed despite the bots.

If you can't tolerate the bots, don't play F2P mmorpgs. Don't spam the forums with "I've wasted far too much money on this game", "I'm Quitting", or "I hate you, NCSoft". Everyone is doing their best (You, NCSoft, and even the bots' programmers). Get over it.


As for me, I'm going to treat this game like every other game I've played so far in life. I'll play as much as I want while I still want to. Nothing made by man can be perfect. Some imperfections may be more prevalent than others. But that doesn't mean that those things can't be enjoyed despite their imperfections.

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Or option number 4.


Just quit and chalk it up as another failure that it is. Games ok, not good enough to go week after week seeing them not do a single thing. I'll just quit and hope Blizzard doesn't screw up Overwatch which is the next big game I'll try to get into.


BnS is done.

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