"Disconnected from server. SystemErr - (1000 : Disconnected from the server) NetworkErr - (132) WSALastErr - (10,054)

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Ice fire   
On ‎16‎-‎01‎-‎2017 at 4:29 PM, iFabio said:

My issue from the windstride was fixed idk if im going to dc or not but i recommend u all to do what the support told me it fixed my issue from windstride crash pls do this:

1) Start the Blade & Soul Launcher.
2) Sign in with your account details.
3) On the new window, click on the "File Repair" button. 
4) Click on "Confirm". 
5) Wait for the files to verify.
6) Click on "Play"


I hope it works for all of u 

I do that every day and still get DC

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Yea that is in no way a fix that works.. Its broken code. That they will not or can not fix..

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Launched the game today and did crafting on one character, and was in process of crafting on another and get the error1000 disconnect.  I re-login and disconnect with error 1000 again within a minute or two. Since the game updated I wondered if a new client was being blocked (tho I realize now I wouldn't get in).  I looked in the recent history of my anti-virus and noticed that the disconnections today coincide with either NCLAUNCHERR.EXE or CLIENT. EXE attempting to access process data of n360.exe of Norton internet security.  Why is it doing that??  Then i go through the log and back to the 20th (end of recent history) and its attempting to access Norton's executable file several times a day.  What the heck?

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weird since the recent update i get this error too like few times...even tho i just hanging out at town still get this error

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