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Special Quest Bug? (Warlock)


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Hi there,


I hope you can help me with this issue.


Few days ago, I was doing the special combo Quest (purple color), then suddenly the game crashed.

I had no idea whether it was because of the server, or my internet connection.


Anyway, I tried to log in again, and found out that I was unable to continue with the special Quest.

I cannot track Quest, or abandon it to retake either. 


Attached screenshot below:



Please advise.


Thanks a lot!


Warm regards,



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That's part four of Hajoon training, which means it can be continued only inside the cave it was in. Unless, of course, disconnecting in the middle somehow messed it up completely. So go back to Depleted Goldmine and check if Hajoon is still waiting for you to make that combo for him.

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