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Greetings to all. I couldn’t find the suggestion thread so here I am.


On this occasion, I offer a suggestion that I think is good against bots and tolerable for legitimate users simultaneously. It is a captcha system similar (not equal) to the login that BNS currently owns, updated with other interesting and effective features.





-Every character will get a little captcha box that appears every 30 minutes automatically (randomly appears on the screen, superimposed on other windows but doesn’t restrict visibility of combat).


-This captcha shows 3-5 symbols as buttons (not numbers or letters). The user must press with the mouse the correct symbols (1-2) to overcome it. The color and background of the symbols varies randomly, and are received ingame (ensuring that little or nothing is local).


-Players have 2 opportunities to fill the captcha, each with 5 minutes time. If it’s not filled, or if it’s not properly completed in these two opportunities, the character suffers the following stages of penalty.



*Penalty and special instance place


At all stages, the character is sent to a remote instance and notified to the GMs (something like the “Jail” in Lineage 2).


First stage: The user failed his captcha in the 2 opportunities and is teleported to this special instance. The character will be stuck here until completing other test methods (may be another captcha). When it succeeds, it will be sent back to the same place where it was (if it was a dungeon, outside. If it was the arena or similar, to the waiting room).


Second stage: This is the third time the character falls into the instance within 24 hours. The process is the same as in the first stage but the character is sent to the nearest town after passing the test, in addition to suffering immobilization and be silenced in chat for 30 minutes (it is expelled from waiting rooms and arenas before, if required). After the 30 minutes, the count end to receive the next captcha in 30 more mins, as always.


Third stage: This is the fifth time the character falls into the instance within 24 hours. The process is equal to the second stage, in addition to being ejected from the game (penalties "immobilization and be silenced in chat" are retained when reconnecting until its time ends).


Last stage: This is the tenth time that the character falls into the instance within 24 hours. The character suffers a temporary ban of 24-48 hours.


In the instance is recorded every time that a character fails the captcha, pattern of recent movements, and other information that GMs need to ban someone (and will be visible only by GMs). This will facilitate their work.


It is noteworthy that the character will be trapped in the instance at all stages by a maximum of 48 hours if it is not identified as a legitimate user within it (once out only suffer the penalties of the first stage).



*Restrictions on captcha


-In the arena, the captcha appears only when the player is on standby or waithing room, not in combat.


-In special areas of Faction vs. Faction wars or events, the captcha is going to offer 5 minutes more to complete it (so 10 mins on each attempt).


-In dungeons, the captcha appears always and just when enter them, only.


-If in the 5 minutes to fill out the captcha there’s no activity of any kind (AFK), the captcha will be “paralyzed”. It will be restored to the character when making a move (including chat), giving 5 extra minutes (if it is not completed in these 5 extra minutes, the player is penalized even if its afk again)




*Conclusions about this captcha


Sorry if I was wrong in some way related to the game mechanics; I am relatively new to BnS. And... my English is regular.


I think this system does not bother largely the game for real users. 1-2 clicks about every 30 minutes, which only takes 5 seconds or less, it’s a tiny effort.


Of course, some aspects may be modified or added, as the amount of time or additional penalties, that the captcha is disabled completely in war zones, or requesting the captcha in the character selection, etc.


We can also change the captcha’s occurrence automatically by a manual form (reports from other users). However, we should be aware that this can lead to abuse, even if it has restrictions. So I think it's better to be equal for everyone, but if you prefer it manually like, I could give a model of this type.




Extra: Other options and comments against bots


Actually, the mentioned captcha system is from another proposal I made in Lineage 2 - game that suffers the same bot problem-. I just made it better. However, the forum where I announced it received some alternatives against bots too, these are:


By Colorado: The diference between frost and our obsolete game guard is the packet encryption. Frost have constant changes in packets and in the encryption type. GameGuard still the same since C3 (old version of Lineage 2).
Just see the last game protocol modification, 3rd party software developers need rewrite thousand codes to bring bot to work proper again.
To reduce bots, just restart server every 48 hours and change "game protocol". Put 3rd software developers to rewrite one thousand codes every 48hours. The problem of server restart every 48 hours is the reboot time, 4 hours is much time.


By mixa: …GameGuard is actually capable of doing everything that is needed to stop the bots, the servers got abilities to refuse connections w/e GG handshake, but this is disabled. You need some knowledge to harness the power of GG, but NC seems to lack that knowledge.




-Less endgame items, more social features, outfits, cosmetics and appearance items. After all, one of the main reasons why there are bots is the need to equip the character with the latter. The longer this requires, more bots will be born.


-Chat level restriction.


-Faster way to report people, like pressing 1-2 keys over them only.


* End of suggestions *




We lose nothing trying. The bots are spiraling out of control and thousands of users are leaving because of this. It's not like in Lineage 2 -game with many years out-, BnS NA just recently opened. Something must be done about this problem before it is too late :/


Thanks for reading and comment if you want :D

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