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Nick name on forum


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Hey Cricets o/

First of all im making this post on cell phone so sorry for any mistakes!


   I have a problem with nick on forum. Whenever I try to change it, error pops out and says "you are not allowed to change your profile". I made a ticket and mr GM said that I should contact community team so I did but for now I'm waiting 4 weeks for responde. I made another ticket and in short version they said "team may be busy plx be patient" and I was for 4 weeks.


But... since they are busy with gathering informations which costium add fist (jk :D) and Im tired of looking like bot here...Dear Cricets any one got fix for this? I know that was a common problem but I cant find any solution :(.


Have a nice day!

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I am really sorry to hear that no one got back to you regarding your forum name :( Just give me the name you want and I'll make the change for your straight away! Please make sure that the name you want is available, thank you!


Edit: Done :)

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@Youmukon Can you please help out the rest of us, please? I've submitted tickets to Blade & Soul, they tell me to contact a forum moderator but none of the forum moderators check their forum inbox (it's been over 2 months since I've sent a PM).


Please let me select a forum name.

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