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Crafting and gathering 1k exp for new players

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I know a lot of ppl already know this but I just wanna jot this down in case if any new players ask about it

Crafting and gathering 1k exp

Location NPC who gives 1k exp quest



stone cutters join guild - look for Faisong

stonecutters quest - Sutak



Prospecter Union join guild - look for Lim Sugon

Prospecter Union quest - Duryo


Near Tavern

1. Trapper Alliance join guild - look for Han Gisok

   Trapper Alliance quest - Hanto

2. Green Thumb join guild - look for Nosu

   Green Thumb quest - Raysu

3. Fish Network Rep join guild – look for Beitu
    Fish Network quest – Aung La

4. Tree Fellers Rep join guild - look for Na Yugun

   Tree Fellers Rep quest - Chai So


Near Pharmacy

Herbside Service Rep join guild - look for Sanyu

Herbside Service quest - Sim Bada

So there you have it, 7k exp, complete within 30mins. Anyone I miss out?

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Hunters guild (Trapper's alliance) near the Green thumb guild also gives 1000 exp.

Or did you merged them because you have written "Fish trapper alliance" which is the fish network no?

Trapper's Alliance Guild look for Han Gisok

Fish Network look for Beitu


Just a tip from me: get a char to level up Aquired Taste and Silver Cauldron to 4 because in Silverfrost update people will buy alot of food and pots for some dungeons.

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