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Instead of being all negative why not be positive?

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hahaha there we go again... This thread is not about costumes so where does that have to do with this. LIke I said before: "I do agree some post are just a shame/cancer" there are post where people just whine about random stuff. However going back to the topic... Optimization problems, lag, disconnects, bots. Maybe you are just lucky your server does not have that many of them. On my server I see bot farming BW, where kitchue and Waido respawn, bots doing dailies quest in misty woods, PvP arena bots, Field Bosses Bots farming essences, Bots farming low lvl area dugeons in viridian field that enter/exit the same dungeon every 5 min.


In general bot population affect faction distribution. For me, Most Bots are Crimsons since is easier to farm dailies in a crimson dominated server. Having that many bots in one area it does affect your FPS. And if you think getting a new computer does help with FPS. Here you have ax99 builder with 980 ti 160gb ram, Intel SSD M-2 750 series. I get 80-120fps and then drops to 15-20 when doing pvp arena. For me to get 120 stable I have to play at night! go to task manager and set client.exe as High Priority, Use razor cortex to minimize background process and still get random drops to 40-60fps.


If I have this much cash spent on a new computer and the game I want to play does not perform well due to server quality and lag tell me, wouldn't you be upset? My guildies have GTX 970 and 980 with the same issues. Sometime we have to restart the game or the whole computer. While doing dungeon had to wait for them to come back... etc


Like I said many times before: SOme issues does not affect me however it does affect others and we had to compensate for those playing not been able to perform at 100%, im talking about server disconnects, lag, etc. So how I'm I supposed to be happy when everyone im playing with is having the same problems as me with newer systems?

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Just now, Eckin said:

People get mugged every day, but I never got mugged. Ergo, muggers aren't real.


Mugging victims are just whiners. Ignore them.


They should be positive about the fact they weren't murder victims!

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4 hours ago, Unskilled banana said:


that's only your problem not the games problem.



the state of bns is fine. you are definetly one of the people who doesn't even play the game, or simply cant play it because your computer is a toaster.



hows the endgame in other mmos. is there something oh so great waiting for u in there. every game comes to an end, in solo games you just play the game through and thats it. in mmos you play the content through and then focus pvp, gear, and costumes.


atleast there is coming a lot more content so the endgame you are playing right now isnt even an endgame.


other games offer better gear progression, giving you a better reason to run a dungeon or to grind something out. other games offer high end content that you cannot just roflstomp. there are mmos that have enjoyable endgames. the only reason i have to run most things in this game is they may give me a few silver. not to mention other games run 1000 times better than this game for a lot of people. this games gear progression is based on farming money, and when farming money equates to just running everything everyday, well i already said it, it routine. same thing every day until you get enough cash to upgrade one item then its back to square one. 


runnign something in this game is not even really that entertaining, you just skip everything or pull everything. i left tera because thats how alot of the end game was too. i would mount up, run around on my lancer, pull half the instance, aoe taunt, iframe out of the middle of everything and hold block until everything died. no challenge, simple. pretty much an exploit. simply not engaging in any way.


the state of bns is not fine. there are plenty of perfectly capable builds that cannot run this game at an acceptable lvl. you cant tell someone who has no issues with any other games that is there PC's fault. esp with the recommended specs and age of this games client. it is unacceptable and you cant just overspec for it really seeing its 32 bit and wont use your hardware to its full potential anyway. overclocking your cpu and running an SSD compensates for the excessive page faults this game generates which leads it its poor performance.


for every mmo out there the at least more content is coming holds true, unless its dying. and luckily for people like you there is plenty of content already made. however NCsoft has already stated that they will only keep localizing the content if it is profitable, so i guess all i can say here is hope they dont pull another wildstar? 

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The game is not flexible to survive in the long run as an MMO, at least in the west because players there require more diversity in their games compared to in Korea where grinding is actually considered fun. All it has going for it is combat and there's only so much you do with repeating the same combos. This is why fighter games are very short lived, and the fact that BnS is essentially an open world fighting game, therein lies the problem. 


I'd like to talk positive things about the game, but there's only so much you could talk about boobs.



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People in here defending NCSoft, wow what a surprise...
People forgot about the chinese spammers in the forums 1 day ago. Also, I don't like to come at the forums with the "muh epic gaym" "Don't attack NCSoft you troll!" and other stuff. I hate to deal with those kind of people, but the gg error was really bad, really unplayable at all. But still people are defending it because "lol you got a toaster xD SAO 4lyfe xDDDDDDD". I hate that shit, stop.

And the positive stuff is the transmutation, PVP tag mode (love that MvC style), some skills and the character customization. Besides the GG shitty problem and the bad optimization for some computers, it's a good game.

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