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On 3/15/2016 at 0:20 PM, Youmukon said:



Allow me to apologize for the confusion the answer from one of our Agent has caused regarding this matter. I wanted to remind everyone that our Macro Usage Policy hasn't changed and binding "S+S" (so S [delay] S) is not allowed. Our Policy is fairly simple, one key-press = one action and the use of pre-set delays is forbidden.


I have reached out to our Staff out internally to ensure this Policy gets conveyed accurately from now on.

Can you guys make up your mind please?



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I want to ask, as in the date of today, if setting macros on hardware, with or without using of 3rd party software know as drivers for the specific hardware is allowed. For example, S+S, or a FM example of RMB->LMB-2.


P.S. We're arguing with friends and their argument is that that answer is too old......

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