Two MAIN Problems with Arena.

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First and foremost - as I'm sure EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM have stated this - GET RID OF THE BOTS, THE MACRO SCRIPTERS AND HACKERS.

I'm so beyond SICK and TIRED of entering 1v1 arena only to get 100-0'd within ONE lag spike by all these atrocious destro bots and scummoner bots.
Secondly, I have a REALLY GOOD PC with equally good ISP.  Why in the hell do I have so much LAG?!  I have under 10% CPU usage at all times, under 25% RAM (16gig ram) at all times
and still I get hit with anywhere between 3 sec delay between lmb and it going through and up to 60 seconds, if at all.  WTF IS THAT ABOUT?!

Thirdly, TAG MATCHES.  I edited my clientconfiguration.xml file to give me 800max zoom and every single time I log in, my camera wants to start off at regular.  When I zoom out, it is in fact 800, but that's not the problem.  The PROBLEM IS IN TAG MATCHES WHEN I INTERFERE OR TAG IN MY CAMERA ZOOMS ALL THE WAY UP MY CHARACTERS CRACK.  Do you understand or even REALIZE how FRUSTRATING it is to deal with this?!  I don't even CARE to do tag dailies because of this nonsense and ZERO OPTIONS TO CORRECT IT.  WHATSOEVER.  WTF?!

It's not fair I have to constantly waste precious time fixing my camera and I can't begin to tell you how many matches I've lost from this MINUTE action alone.

When will these issues be addressed?  I'm sick of the camera zoom never staying as I set it.
I'm sick of all the hackers in arena that lag spike me and 100-0 me instantaneously.
What is the point of continuing to play?? I got this game, invested money in it, because I LOVE pvp and this game is one of my FAVORITES of all time.
The fact it has an even more amazing story line is absolutely fantastic.  But it's seriously getting on my last damn nerve dealing with all these absurd and minuscule problems that SHOULD have an option to fix (camera zoom for example, it shouldn't be ignored or NOT have an option to have it PERMA zoomed to my preference). 


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So, silence?  As always.  Even in every ARENA LOBBY I GET SILENCE TO THESE QUESTIONS.
Why did I figure forums would be of any help?
I have so MUCH FAITH in this game and it's getting less customer service than WoW and that's a huge, huge, downside.

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Well, they say they read everything and take it into consideration... but also surely it would take a few seconds to just reply, even a simple "noted" would suffice. Making suggestions on the forum almost feels like praying to a deity, maybe they hear us, maybe they don't, maybe they'll reply, but I'm pretty sure they won't (heh, I'm a poet and i didn't even realise it, i can make a rhyme every so often.)

I personally can't say I've encountered bots in pvp, but a ton of afkers (which sucks if they are on your team in 3v3) and macro users spamming animation cancels.
I concur about the camera, it is frustrating having to rezoom out, also being tagged in infront of your team mate, facing away from the enemy. Not sure if that is intentional in order to prevent absolute carnage.

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My issue with tag matches camera is that my character always faces the *cricket*ing wrong way when I interfere XD

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