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I hate this game but I still play it because of one thing

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I know it has its management issues but honestly no other mmo has gameplay like bns. I couldnt give it up simply because the core gameplay is too good, the classes are diverse and its not bogged down with the generic dps healer tank triangle. Its just the best for me oxo the art stye and characters being beautiful is just icing on the cake.


im lucky enough to be not as effected by the bots issue.. i have parties to run with so i rarely have to search randoms in x server, im not playing arena till 50+ content when things are balanced(i already played a crap ton of pvp on foreign servers so i can wait on pvp since i have tons of chars to gear / level in preparation for 50), and even more lucky enough to have almost never experienced any crazy lag @x@ I did in the older beta's but since  the dust cleared after launch I see no kinds of crazy lag on bns even in x server.. I only ever really see bots here and there as well lol. I dont see crazy huge bot trains like i did on taiwan.  maybe 7 bots total after a 8 hour play session oxo i have also only gotten 3 total whispers from bots lol idk im just insanely lucky. but i do wish they would hire more people to get this crap sorted out.


honestly they say they are doing things like having gms in game to ban but somehow i doubt it. It really just feels like they are understaffed or something. heck it even takes a little bit for these bot threads to get deleted where its just spamming something. on neogaf you cant even get away with posting a crap thread within a minute or so its gone lol. they have mods with sniper rifles around the clock. mostly due to having people hired from different time zones. where as here its like they only have  a handful of people from NA, so at night these forums go almost unchecked it seems..

Same for in game. I have invested ALOT of hours in bns and i have not seen one single gm... ever. I feel like if they just hired more people this would go a bit better. Or work faster on this "solution" they are coming up with. Im aware just banning bots isnt going to stop the problem. 100 bots take the place of every 20 that get banned. They need to find a way to make it extremely annoying  to make an account. Or remove the incentive for people to buy gold by making gold easier to obtain? idk.


I am on mushin btw.



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3 hours ago, Bezerko said:

I read the title and thought "Lyns".  I was close.  And yes, that outfit is pretty awesome.


Well TERA has Elins you know, as in the very same class that saved the game from bankruptcy? If there's a lesson to be learned here, people love little animal people. 


As for me, the reason why I keep playing BnS despite wanting to uninstall the game every time it gets on my nerves is the character designs. The fact that the Team Bloodlust managed to capture Hyun-Tae Kim's art into a game is nothing short of astounding. 

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