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Can't remove practice citrine

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After accepting the quest, I equipped it then unequipped it, but after I unequipped it I (stupidly) equipped it again before talking to the NPC, so now its stuck on my account with no way to delete/remove it. Cant trade, sell, or destroy so it's just in my inventory. Please fix

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I have done the quest and the bug comes from that if you have bought some gems before and you take some of those off then you get stuck with the Citrine.

I have tried so far:

-Sell it

-Destroy it

-Put it to weapon and take it off again

-Put it to some other weap and sell it

-Put it to some other weap and destroy it


Seems they are just making it harder to get rid of it. Got to love these companies that pretty much ignore bugs xD

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The problem is i took the quest and put the gem on and completed it.

Then i remembered it later and took the gem away and but some proper gem on but did not take the quest to complete the removal.

After this i went to quest giver and took the second quest to take away the gem but at this point i had already removed the gem and had 2 good gems on.

Now that i had the quest and i removed one of the good gems to put the practice gem on it completed the quest and i was stuck with the practice gem.

Really easy to see what the bug is with the quest and cannot understand why they havent fixed it before if this has been here since alpha.


Short version how you can see the bug:

-Put some other gem than the practice gem on a weap

-Take the quest to remove the gem

-Remove the good gem

= You have practice gem you cannot get rid of.

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Same thing happened to me too. they need to make it so you can destroy it or delete the item if people don't finish the quest right.

right now I have the gem in my inventory. I went back to the quest giver and he shows no sign of me needing to finish that quest so now I am stuck with this item in my inventory.

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