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newbie seeking help ...


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Hello guys, i am really excited to play this game, i started about 1 week and half ago and i got my lvl 45 destroyer and + 2, i dont know how is that called,

I've been watching lots of pvp videos, tips, different builds and i am thinking to make emberstomp stage 5.

My questions are : does it worth to invest so much effort and points in it ? if yes, is there anyone kind to help me explaining step by step how you learn that last skill ? i will be infinite happy.

Thank you very much in advance.

Good luck to everyone :)

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Well you need Giant Zen bean from trader near arena npc then you double click it end you get green emberstomp skill , that skill gives you 50% lower dmg and 4-5 sec imune to alot CCs imo its worth against some classes like KFM and other destros who uses alot stuns +dazes to lock you , you can just use it and pop rage to *cricket* em if they dont realize.You need zen bean skill to learn all other emberstomps cose you cant read books from bloodshade 4 man whithouth it, so its a must if you whant em(atm price is 130g in EU so dunno if its worth tho).

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