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Chapter 4 question


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I've got a question for anybody whose played the foreign versions.


I don't do hamster wheels.  I'll typically do each daily once, and maybe a dungeon a couple extra time to get the "correct" drop, but I don't sit spinning my wheels on end game raids/dungeons for incremental upgrades so I can spin my wheels on the next harder end game raid dungeon.  As such, not surprisingly, I've been switching to an alt once I finish chapter 3 on a particular character.


Now that we've gotten 2 content updates, both of which appear to simply be additional hamster wheels, I just want to verify that when chapter 4 comes out, there is no need to actually grind those hamster wheels in order to continue on to chapter 3.  One can simply move on to chapter 4 with the equipment you finished chapter 3 with?

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