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Today enjoyment of arena 20/20 = few stars


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  • 15 bots, 5 real players.
  • 2 real destroyers with macros as i can saw.
  • 2 KFM where i dont *cricket*ing know ho to recognize macro user.
  • 1 blade dancer.


Tag match:


  • In 8 games i got 1 or two AFK.
  • In 5 games i got horrible players who dont want help team mates if they are BD or SM. I saw so many insults.
  • 7 games by bots in me team.
  • In 80% games opponents was team by all summoners, two destros and sum. Or twoBD and SM, OR 2 KFM + destro.


Balance in Tag Match is *cricket*ed up!


I reporting bots and cheaters all the time, but their amount increasing and increasing. I am so angry because i cant enjoy this game. And sad...


Before i dont believe i say this, but... NCSOFT, i can not imagine how bad some game publisher can relase the game. You created horrible shit, you know that and you can do nothing about it. Just stop.


PS: Also 250 ping as usual.


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