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I'm sure this is obvious to anyone else browsing the forum, but the amount of "토토안전놀이터추천 ~%~% CVC79쩜 COM ~%~% 스포츠베팅 픽추천 " threads is getting out of hand. Highly advise moderators to look into solutions for keeping out spam ASAP.



Edited by Wigglytuff

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2 minutes ago, Nickilli said:

Spam about Spam 


Good Job


Anytime, buddy.


1 minute ago, qpoljanan said:

Don't worry, a janitor will clean them up in an hour or so. 


Hopefully they'll come up with a permanent solution rather than having a "cleanup crew". Reason being that at any point in time people should be reading content relevant to the game, rather than constantly encountering spam and waiting for it to be removed.

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