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Marketplace bug? help me check


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Hello All,


I'm creating this topic here in this area seeking help from fellow players to verify a possible issue i may have.


A few days ago i bought 1 moonwater tear from the marketplace for 93 silver.

But when i purchased it. It took 75 gold from me.


Ok before everyone says i should have checked the price first and i accidentally bought it by mistake so its my fault.

Here is the thing.

If it was indeed my fault the total amount of 75g should be registered in the selling graph in the marketplace. But i cannot find any trace of this.

I have contacted support explaining my situation buy they just tell me that its my own fault.


And i am wondering how this can be my fault with provided proof (see imgur link)


My questions is

Am i overseeing something, is this indeed my fault. Can someone help me check the selling graph is if i miss something


As you can see in the images provided the system message says that i have spend 75 gold.

If you look into the other images i shows that i have only acquired 1 moonwater tear.

The only way to get 1 moonwater tear is either buy trading or buying 1 from the marketplace. As they usually drop in pairs from instance 




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