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Did not receive Temptation!

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14 minutes ago, Vios said:

Do you get the outfit on the characters you already had at level 45 before the event started?

No, I have it the day they released WL and it was March 3rd :(

12 hours ago, Els said:

you'll get it next week, the outfit was given at 2 a.m. UTC.

Edit : The outfit is given every week at a certain time, it was on Wednesday 2 am UTC this time.

Well my plan was getting the outfit on the first giving out day, but they didn't give me the outfit when I did what is required for the event which hit lvl 45, feel bad man :(

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A friend of mine did not get the outfit, he hit lvl 45 after the maintenance. Maybe we had to hit 45 before the maintenance and not before they give the outfit?

Support told him he'll have it later.

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