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Explain to me how to beat WL


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Firstoff i know almost nothing about warlocks. But since ive meeting tons of them at the 1800-1950 bracket(till yesterday atleast) and i lose almost evry match both on my BD and KFM vs them i think its about time to ask.


How do you lose vs melee classes? It seems like you can permanently knockdown/root and the rest of the time you are immune to evrything (charm ring, yellow ring, what else?) or hide behind the pet to *cricket* with the targetting.


I really would like a nice explanation cause im kinda lost. I know how to beat evryclass in theory on my chars (except GOOD ! FMs) but vs locks i just lose 20-60% of my hp till the first phase of resists and pet is over and then i just get knockdowned/chained till the whole thing starts again. Only won matches against absolute noobs that just randomly tabbed.

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