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6 hours ago, stevow1 said:

hello! well i just want to say that if you want to get good in this game you need to actually play this game like a second job. why? because logging in for 2 hours everyday wont cut it. with all the dailies you need to do and with pvp + alts its a lot for just netting 15 golds a day when true piret cost a freaking bunch. prob 3-4 hours daily will be needed. o and dont forget that if you went mia for 3 days you will fall so freaking behind lol. 


This is an MMO.  There is no falling behind.  A game that is all about playing forever :p  Just because you're not the number one in gear, doesn't make you behind anything.  :p

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You will just take a later time to ups your gears.
But you can enjoy the game as much as others. Though you can't do 40/40 DQs.
Maybe during holidays and weekends? or time off work?

It is nature man. You need to invest more time to things you prioritize. 
And you will never be good on anything that you will not put effort with. But little by little a little becomes a lot.
So if you can't play it on the same pace as others don't hate it just enjoy every bit.

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