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Party/guild chat NOT working.

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Everyday I have this problem, it's frustrating trying to comunicate and you can't.

It simply doesn't work, you can't type anything using /p or read anything from party chat.


Yes, party chat is ACTIVATED on the filters options.

YES, my bns is running and my monitor is turned on (some people might ask that).

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i dont use wtfast or anything like that. & i have this problem for a long time now already.. support replies with epic bs, or same auto replies like, 'Reinstall' (like i hvnt tried it already?!!) Or, its a known issue, our devs are working around the clock to fix it  -.-' 

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My chat suddenly stopped working for some reason. The only ones that'll work are /s, and /w (whisper will work on and off from time to time). Is there anything that could help fix this? I'm not using a VPN as well, and I already tried reinstalling the client. Thanks!

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