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Unable To Evolve Weapon


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(In the instance the image doesn't show, which it isn't for me :S here's the imgur link 'Screenshot Proof' )

For a number of days now, I've been attempting to transform my Hongmoon Necklace - Stage 10 into an Awakened Blight Necklace - Stage 1 and I am able to click "evolve" and the animation with the hammer and the words "Evolving Hongmoon Necklace - Stage 10" shows but once the animation is over, nothing happens. The screen is as it were before I'd pressed the button and I get nothing. I get a system message that I do not have enough money, but in my screenshot you can clearly see I have more money than the required price. I've been so eager to upgrade my items but I just can't. Help?

Thanks for reading~ 

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read this:




Or when you launch the client try pressing the re-pair tool.

Also graphic bugs can happen in-game if the graphic drivers are not the latest. (incl windows updates) (just saying) Anything is possible.

You can also try reinstalling the client, in'case something is really screwed up with it.


Or contacting https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us and ask if they can do it for you.

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