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Jinsoyun Perfect Preset

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sell it?..... really? O.o not hard to have a picture up and make your own but i guess yo ucan try? . it looks good ill give you that but why sell it? makes it sound like you are the only one who can do this lol

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I can't believe you'd consider selling a PRESET lmfao. Not to mention a preset that has been done by everyone and their mother! I think this preset is much closer than yours, you can use it as reference maybe to fix your mistakes?


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imho the only preset that actually comes as close as it can get is from rendermax.


google jinsoyun rendermax preset. first link. download that whole thingy and there is a folder with the preset only.


and it's free. have fun.

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6 hours ago, iiYuusuke said:



Race: Yun 


I love character customization and i thought i tried making presets.

Might sell this.  (don't know yet)


Let me know if you are interested.

Server: Jiwan 

IGN: Yui Aruzawa

It could look more like the Young version, but still it dont look like her =/


Ya not at all >.<, and, selling presets is never a good idea, you are using one in game resource to make a character, is very easy and at least every active user in this forum would do it for free (i would do it for free...)

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Hi, what do you think of mine? I tried to make a young good version of Jinsoyun but I had some difficulties to remake the face. I m search the good color skin and the good make up for eyes. Any help pls?


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