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Your In-Game F2 character Profile Image!


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Show off your custom character image at F2!

Here is mine:



If you don't know how to do it, I'll show you here what I found on the humans computer!



I then borrowed Photoshop fast and took the existing image (since it have the right size) and just put another image of over it and saved it and uploaded with with text =]

I had just enough time to run away before the human noticed me! Hehe, spy skils!

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On 3/8/2016 at 6:27 PM, L0VE said:

Do you take requests? >o<


6 hours ago, Mockii said:

Draw MINE too i PAY U !! Real Temmie MunZ D:


Ahh I'm flattered but I'm not taking requests/commissions at the moment, sorry... x'D Maybe in the future, when I'm not as busy hahaha.

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Some of these images are really impressive creative =)!!!!

I can only draw stick figures so well I tried a chibi creator tool and re-create myself... Without much option to choose from I must say, it did come out fairly good...

But it's not really how I expected myself to look like so it wont be in my F2 presentation, but I thought I'd show you anyways =P



I hope I can find an artist who can draw me like this kinda:


Put instead holding onto a human leg with the text "pick me up, pick me up, huggie time!" that would be awesome cute :3

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