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When weapon skin storage becomes a thing?


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TL:NR: Make a slot for weapon skin, and add weapon-vault.




I don't mind to buy weapon skins from the market or the Hongmoon store, as long as it looks pretty to my taste.


I don't mind to spend gold coins just to apply the skin on my weapons. Glamor cost reduction from Premiumship helps nicely here.


I don't mind to remove the current skin if I find any better skin.


However, I DO mind about weapon skin being one-time only, and will be destroyed upon Reverting. Not because I buy a new shirt, it would mean I just throw away the old but still pretty one.


So, I think NCSoft should make:

-Making weapon skin into a slot, like Outfit slot. It doesn't matter what weapon you are using, the weapon skin in the slot will overide the skin.

-Making it costs you to add or revert the skin, if you want to keep the Glamor cost as a gold-sinker.

-Making the weapon not be destroyed upon reverting. It only simply returns to your inventory for later use.

-Making a weapon-vault to store weapon skin, similar to Wardrobe. Let the players have fun collect weapon skins in-game and in-store.


Before anyone said it would take a lot of time, resources. Let me say this: I play this MMO called The Lord of The Rings Online. For years, they didn't have anything called cosmetic weapon system, because the developers said it was nearly impossible to code, too much time and resource would be wasted. But just the end of last year, they released such a system in the joy of players. They basically starts the system from the scratch. And they're a small company under Warner Bros.


If a small company like them can do it, I think it's pretty feasible for NCSoft, a much bigger one, to do it too.








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Personally I'd prefer weapon glamour be free like changing outfits. Style is  a big part of the game and I reached the point that changing my weapon's appearance is ludicrously expensive. I don't even have the cash to do it at this point

Which some would certainly tell me to just start doing tedious dailies for an hour or two so i can afford it, but that's dull.


Either way though, it definitely shouldn't destroy the weapon. Weapons bought with NCoin or HCoin don't get destroyed, do they? That'd be beyond stupid

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