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Best way to upgrade weapons post siren?

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I'm at awakened siren 8 atm and I don't know how I'm supposed to quickly upgrade the weapon. I ran out of all the lvl 20-50 weapons I have stockpiled and now every weapon I feed into it only moves the bar slightly. 


I have used all of the jewels as well. 

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5 minutes ago, Caex said:

Start salvaging your blue - purp weapons to make more element gems in the transmutation tab.


is that even cost effective? it takes 5 soul stones and 50s to transmute 1 element. That's 1.5 gold. I don't think an element even moves the bar that much either at siren. 

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Just now, Caex said:

nothing else will move your bar much either at siren 6-10 and pirate 6-10 its just another grind :P


how tf do people have true pirate 10. that's like a trillion blue weapons...

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