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How to fix your ping works for windows 7.8 and maybe 10

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Make a ping test first.




1.Start regedit as administrator

+to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE + to System + to CurrentControlSet then find the Services Folder then + to TcPip + to Parameters and then + to Interfaces there you should have 2-or more Folders ceck all and choice the one with the most documents on it.



TcpAckFrequency-If you dont have this you Need to create one

To make this right click NewDWORD 32bit or QWORD if you have 64bit System rename the file TcpAckFrequency open this file and set value to 1.


If you already have this TcpAckFrequency just open it and set value to 1.


Restart your PC.


After this changes if your ping whas 200 you should get now around 50 ping.

My ping whas 175 and it droped under 50

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There are other factors which may cause high pings and one being far away from the server. This is actually a fix for those experiencing high pings within server lowping range/area aka the United States of America

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Nice try but didn't change a thing. People are trying with everything they got but the problem is not our connections but their server. Others have fps drops and others ping issues. We have to deal with it.

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