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WTB a EU arena server and ofc botfree

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So why the *cricket* do we have to play on an american arena server?

the game is so much based on ping and we are forced to play as EU players to play on NA server

Game server located in germany or close to it and arena in NA



i even tryed to fix this problem with wtfast useing texas guess what happened? i cant even co0nnect to the server getting disconnected in login screen

i paly an assasin and cant do my combos propperly cuz of the delays laggs and whatever


for me playing w/o WTFast is kinda impossible even on the non arena server i have sometimes laggs and more.....


Arena full of bots - full of hacker,scripters,cheaters - arena server located in US


almoste all of my friends quitted already and in less than a month this game will be dead if u dont start actually doing something ATLEAST about one of this things.


but i guess we can w8 for years for it since its NCSOFT where u dont get an answereon a ticked but when it comes to store shit suddenly u get help.


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it would be good to deactivate the cross server tool for arena till they fix the lag issue (maybe this would help) . sometimes when i play against other eu player i think my ping is ok. but sometimes it jumps  from 50 to constant 230 so they must be na players. i dont check my ping every match, so i could be wrong.


im playing assa too and with that high ping i never cant roll out of any lbd attack to prevent knock up. thats just frustrating because i exactly know when they are doing ist. im smashing f but it doesnt react fast enough...


edit: i told a friend to play bns cause he is a pvp fan too. at the moment he is lvleling his char so he has a constant good ping open world (i help him in dungeon so we dont have the cross server ping issue). i hope he doesnt drop it when he is 45 and starts to play arena and those ping issues arent solved till then :(

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