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The Way of The Force Master Part 3 BUG?! HELP!!

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Hey guys, I need help with something. So, i am a lvl 38 Force Master and I forgot to run these Force Master quests and the problem I seemed to be having is that when it says 'Use Frost Palm 3 times against the Red Training Dummy to freeze it' I do exactly what it does and it seems to not register on the quest line.. 


I have tried

1. Changing Channels = nope

2. Using Escape to leave the Dungeon = Nope

3. Made sure I used the Freeze skill in the BNS tree = Nope

4. Quit the game fully and still does not work.


I am just wondering if there is a way to fix this?



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I have the same prob. I hit that dummy 3 times and it doesn't freeze. Then I let it hit me 3 times and somehow it freezes but then I use imact and guess what? It didn't do anything. Somehow I finally did someting and I killed it. BUUUUTTTT when I tried on the second one, I didn't work. Now I have 1/3 dummies killed. Am I doing something wrong? I dont know what I did the first time. Maybe it s a bug. Please help :(

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Hey y'all.


Super late on a reply to this but hi also had an issue with this.

When Brother Hajoon says to use frost palm and impact, he means specifically level 1 frost palm and impact, not frost fury.


Press K and make sure you're using the level 1 for both skills. If not, you don't need to portal out, just run up the stairs you took to get there.

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