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So, what level is your Warlock now?


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Aww further than me, I've been working but I'm off for the next two days yay :)

Yea, been leveling and doing everything by the book, been derping in game and occupied with other stuff irl. Would have been at least 30 already. Today my goal is to reach 30 or 28 minimum.

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23 llama_emoji_37__teehee___v2__by_jerikuto

I made yesterday and have kinda been slow about it.. I wanted to try a few 3s matches with a friend.

Hopefully I can get 30 maybe more today since I got loads of time to play and this weekend I'm p much free *Q*


I actually really like this class, I didn't really follow any of the hype or read too much about it, but when I gave it a little try I really enjoyed it, 

will definitely max and might main it for PvE (was a priest in every other MMO and I enjoy skills that help my team, and no I don't wanna roll a summ ;;").

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5 minutes ago, Netbrat said:

I do this also :)

I'll be happy if I can just get to 45 by the 23rd lol, I want the outfit :)

I hope I can get it by the 23rd too but with a full time job it's gonna be hard. Managed to get my summoner to 34 while leveling with my boyfriend and he's barely able to play so it shouldn't be too hard I hope :)

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