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how can kfm stun a blocking target or daze him?

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Yea, blocking constantly vs a KFM is a deathwish. You will get stunned by Triple Kick, and forced to blow your Tab.


The only time I find blocking effective vs these Lee Sins is reaction blocking their dashing uppercut.


For this reason, I feel like taking 2 points in block for the Parry in this particular patch is a waste, unless you're facing a FM or Summoner.

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Parry is still useful against a kfm when you are far away from him (>6m),  and i assume you don't use your QE at all if you're spamming block at melee range, thus your mistake. 

BM focus more on "Block when far, Avoid and counter-attack when near"

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34 minutes ago, Eynix said:

The KFM dash does not trigger the Sin counter. TT____TT

it does trigger sin counter 0.o, but the 4 hit dash triggers it, then have 3 more hit chances to break your stealth (if you react fast enough by dazing/stunning them at this state, you get to get free dps)

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On 3/4/2016 at 11:58 AM, Somnolence said:

Triple kick Tier2 Form1.

Just wanted to note that Triple Kick can be used on a defending target (or after resisting with Q/E) and pierces defense/parry, stunning for 2 sec without investing a single skill point in it. Speccing it to T2F1 only grants additional bonuses such as focus regen and block approach debuff.

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