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We make presets, taking requests (now collaborating)


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Hi, we make presets. Give me a request and we'll do my best.

We'd prefer if you gave us a theme and race though. Thanks!


These are some samples that include my (Exertus) toons and ones I've made on request. I posted this in another thread but I'd rather you post your requests in this one instead of PMs please




In light of recent events, Ra9eQuit and I will be cooperating to provide a faster service and a broader range of preset styles. All your requests will be revised by both of us before the product is sent to you to ensure the best of both worlds. Be sure to check out his thread for some of his works and his style. If there is a specific person you want to work on your request, please say so beforehand. Just understand that both of us have our schedules and will take a bit longer to get back to you. Any specific requests directed at Ra9eQuit ONLY should be posted on his thread. Thank you :DD


Ra9eQuits Thread: 


My Samples










The white themed ones are my toons, the others are from requests. Thanks for letting me take pics :D






From now on all finished toons will be PM'ed directly to requesters. We feel that each person's toon should be relatively unique. If you are a owner of a preset, whether or not you share it is entirely up to you. We don't need credit, but please don't bm us by posting our work as your own. Thank you! =)


Also, if you want a detailed replication, you have to help us help you. The pics you provide should be preferably with a neutral expression and as zoomed in as possible at a straight angle. Side angle shots would be fantastic as well but are entirely optional. Body shots should be included separately if you want us to try to duplicate that as well. The more detailed the source, the better the product! 

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I'd like to see this Jin.




Character from the Warlock leveling challenge announcement. I love how she looks, but it's really hard make her because of her pose.


And also the middle one from this picture if you'll take two requests :)


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First one is for the Warlock

The second is the loading screen toon. 


I'm not sure this way works, but see if you can save image as into your bns Char custom folder and use it, if not ill pm them to you.


As for the body, they're both from my personal toons, as I don't have enough info from the images to try to replicate them, feel free to mod em as you like.



Warlock Finish


Loading Toon Finish



Reviewed the Loading toon finish because felt that nose was too far off, made bridge a bit wider and nostril a bit thinner. Uploads have been updated.



ShunJ, do you have a more neutral version of that face? It's gonna be pretty hard to try to replicate it with all that sass up in her expression D:, and sorry these are taking some time as I'm trying to get 2 fresh chars to 45 for the leveling event. 

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Request: Female Gon


Im aware there isnt a similar hairstyle.. but anyway, if you can try i'd appreciate it. Also, the character name (as seen on the image) is Kawakami Mai  so you can look for more pics if you need or just tell me and ill try to find whichever angle/expression you need.


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So, a couple of things. This is purely my take on a replication using the Gon model, if you feel like there's any ground breaking discrepancies feel free to modify it at your leisure. 

As you know there's slight complications when it comes to replicating anime characters because of the dimensional difference (note eyes, brows, nose and lips), but I did what I could to make the general replications such as brow to eye distance, eye width, facial height, and nose/lip positioning on the face, they should relatively match in terms of ratios.


There are things that I tried to compensate for because I felt like keeping true ratios would really mess the toon up, but, if you're a die hard fan you could always change it :D


1. Eye size - any bigger and it'll look like Mai-Senpai had too much of that Gorilla saliva ya feel? XD


2. Height - from my understanding she isn't that tall, in terms of Gon height she tiny AsF.


3. Boob size - lets be honest with each other, she can't summon them elements without rubbing off the Double Ds (Chest slider MAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXED). However, right now the Gon boobs look like pylons with certain outfits and gorgeous with others, so just a forewarning. 


4. Beauty mark - noticed upon closer inspection she has a beauty mark under both eyes, the game only allows one... =[


5. Curves - pretty much curvy enough without looking disproportional, I guarantee you once you put on that scorpion costume you'll have to start playing with 1 hand only


6. Hair - self explanatory


EDIT: 7. Nose - technically, her nose position should be a notch higher, but preference wise I like it a bit lower. Test it out and see which you like 


This is the nose position slider set at -2, if you feel like this one looks better 


TL:DR Let me know if there's anything you want me to fine tune, I have been getting less requests from friends so I don't mind putting a little more effort into my other works






REMOVED and PMed to requester -> See new policy in first post


If you don't like it at least you get a pout kek






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Sure, I'll send it through PM first thing tmr morning? If you absolutely cannot wait, give me a email through pm that I can send the dl link to.


Due to a restraint of 3 max PMs a day, I already sent out 3 presets today =[

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Ty, tought it would be nice to advertise my thanks to you here instead of PM. Anyway, i did a couple of changes here and there but very small things. Funny thing is how the whole face is pretty much the oposite i usually do to my characters (which is why i suck at it and dont make presets).


About gon, i wanted her to be a gon for various reasons. If we go by official height, she isnt that tall but then again, most asian people are small so she somehow looks tall between other characters of the same franchise. And also... yeah lets just be honest, i wanna see Gon female outfits.

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Np bud. It's okay if you pm me too though, advertising isn't too much of a concern because usually I spend a long time making these chars so the occasional request is good enough :D


As for the char itself, you can modify it any way you like to suit your own taste! You can use it for a base to make bigger changes if you'd like or if you want to make new chars in the future. 


P.S. mmmmmmmmmmm Gon outfits.... :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP


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23 hours ago, Toxlen said:

May I have this preset for this Jin too? I absolutely love how she looks. 

I second this, I would like the presets for this please and thank you.


Also I have another preset I'd like you to make could I pm you the request?

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This one was especially difficult for me, because I couldn't get a zoomed in version to replicate the details/ratios properly. Couldn't seem to get the same coldness into her face. Feel free to make changes where you feel appropriate :]


Possible Discrepancies:


1. Body - Slightly modified version of the one on my assassin


2. Pupil size - If you look at the pupils of the sin in char select they have that shit pumped to the MAX, I chose to tone it a bit down because it looks derp AsF when you zoom in


3. Ratios - Like what I said earlier, all the resources I had on this sin were max zoomed out, which made it kind of difficult when it came down to the details


EDIT: 4. Cosmetics - If you want to make the eyes look bolder like the sin in char select, go to the cosmetics tab and turn eye liner + shadow density to 100 



The DL link has been sent



If you don't like it at least you get a pout kek



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On 3/7/2016 at 7:30 PM, ShunJ said:

Hello, Could you make a preset of her please! She is on the cover of the bns warlock overview video. Thank you!



 I would REALLY like this one and as for the one i messaged you about... D: 


id like for you to try your hand at this if possible... and good luck





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Here they are, as always, feel free to modify them however you like. For the warlock one I kind of just guessed what she would look like with a natural face since it'd be weird to replicate her battle face... So expect relatively large differences. Especially the hair :/


 YuraMayZing, it'd be best to ask the owner of that lyn toon if you could use it. I don't mean mine, I mean the original from him/her. I've tried replicating it any ways but there will be slight differences, feel free to make changes. 





Notes : 

1. Cheek could be skinnier

2. Eye distance could be reduced

3. Skin colour looks off but might be the lighting


I really couldn't make it that much similar due to the circumstances, I'll definitely do a redo if I can find a picture of her in a better angle with a neutral face.






Nothing much


DL Links sent to respective requesters

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