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6 minutes ago, HopeKun said:

I fell like that only damage i can deal to boss are from my 4, with high cooldown, its gonna change high levels or warlock is a more pvp char?

I had this feeling to begin with, do you build it as Dragoncall or Dragon Helix?


Personally I went with Dragoncall and "Weaving" it about with my Rupture to reduce the Cooldown and Wingstorm [With RMB thrown in whenever Chi permits me to] I find that I get a smooth continual stream of damage rather than a huge burst all at once.

It certainly helped on Poharan earlier, however on bosses in lower level areas I would find myself standing about spamming LMB/RMB for a while waiting for my 4 to come back. 

Hopefully this is some kind of help? I'm fairly new to Warlock so sorry if the advice isn't as best as It could be :)

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