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Will Awakened Pirate weapon be enough for start of lvl 50 content

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10 minutes ago, Pluvia said:

If our patch follow exact the same as BnS CN, You need true pirate when Lv.50 is up and you will de your weapon for "soul"

We have a different soul, one that needs stuff farmed from the new Naryu instance. 

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32 minutes ago, Hawktalon said:

Afaik it has been confirmed that we wont get pirate soul,so is still true pirate required or will awakened be enough?


Oh in that case, awakened is all good. You are looking at about 20 AP in difference. 


Plus, I bet new weapons will be out along with Lv.50 patch too.


So dont worry too much

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4 minutes ago, RoyalMiku said:

I heard that before you need to make 3 true pirate weapon when lvl 50 update hit 

So is that true that now we need to make 2 true pirate weapon?


on CN server, ppl make the 2nd true pirate to de for the soul. In that way they still have one in hand.


CN does brought in legendary weapons which are kinda P2W.  


So for those who really do not like to pay for those weapons, you still have a not too bad weapon in hand.





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You won't be breaking your true pirate anymore, there is no reason to make a second weapon at all. Awakened pirate will be plenty to get rolling with when the 50 content drops, and will no longer be available to upgrade into. The new upgrade path will start from true profane, siren and pirate will be relics of a bygone era. Unless they decide to frankenstein something else together before then of course.

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