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no focus ( need help for better build or rotation )


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You're supposed to be out of focus often, it's the cycle.


- you have full focus, and dump all your focus on skills


- you regain focus for a short period 


- repeat


There are skills and weapons that will aid in focus recovery, but the entire point of the Focus resource system is to be constantly replenishing, using, and replenishing your Focus points.

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Since your dps mostly comes from draw stance, try to maximize your time in it.


 - Going into draw stance after using Flock of Blades/Blade call helps a lot.

 - If using blade call, go into draw stance using 4. If a big attack/aoe is coming, use Q to continue to stay in draw stance (or E -> Q if it's hard to time, since the E is free when you're in draw stance). The other option is to rotate your camera and SS behind the enemy to stay in draw stance (SS gives you a lot more room for error in timing, since the i-frames last longer).

 - Spec into raid for focus recovery to get a little more time (even 1 extra rmb helps) in draw stance. Two points in the right path also helps to keep your enemy CC'ed longer.

 - Use five point strike before your focus runs out for more focus. You can also spec this to give you an extra i-frame if you can time it well.

 - Having high crit also helps, since honed slash recovers 1 focus on a crit hit. Spec 4 points into the left path in flicker to give you a 5% crit boost to help with this.


Try to practise your rotations on the focus recovery dummy at the entrance to Mushin. I spent a good couple of hours getting the rotation/combos down when I changed from flame spec to lightning spec, since you eat up focus much faster. Good luck ^^

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Stupid idea - wouldn't it make some sense to just don't Flicker in times you don't have focusreg skills up, to use your focus for the most bang? (ofc unless it's totally necessary to burst all your focus in 1.5 seconds)


I know Anicancel is the best for burst, but 3 honed slash deal more damage than 2 honed+1 flicker (on CC't targets the difference is even bigger) and the time you need to regain your focus remains the same... :x

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Flicker T1F4 grants you 5% crit rate for 3 secs, so it's good to use. Let's say you don't have any chi recovery ability on, (sundering sword / blade call / Cyclone if specced). With 10 focus you can either do 3 honed slashes + 1 flicker or 2 honed slashed + 2 flickers and you still have 2 focus left. So both makes 4 hits for the weapon proc, but using the 2nd one you'll do those 4 hits in less time. In case your weapon does not proc, you still have 2 focus left, you could just switch to basic stance to regen chi, or use 5-point slash (costs 2 focus). 

Then you can use the Tab skill (i forgot the name, the circular slash one), if you use the T3F1 version, it deals quite a lot of damage, and grants you 3 chi and another 3 chi on crit, so you can keep going for a bit more.

Personally, I just anicancel all the way, and if i don't have enough chi for honed slash i either 5 point slash or tab and continue if they're available, if they're not i just switch back to basic stance to regen chi. Probably not the best way to dps.

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