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**** Account Locked due to suspicious activities Part 2


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I saw that the older topic is locked by moderators, so I made a new thread for you guys, who got same problem come here to continue the discussion.
I already ask the support to give me proof that record "3rd party program", still, no reply.

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This message is to let you know that the NC account registered to this email address
and all associated game accounts have been permanently banned from our service

Details of the reason the ban can be found below:
Account: [removed]
Account action: Permanent Closure
Reason: RMT: Selling
If you would like to appeal this ban,
please send us an email directly from this email address to support@ncsoft.com


Just saw that in my email 3 hours ago.  I just sent an email to them to appeal it.  Lets see how long the turn around time is.  And no, I did not sell anything.  I don't even know what RMT: Selling means.  I did however left my game running when I went out for dinner.  When I came back, the game has exit to desktop.

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just got my account restored again last night..... and this morning banned again.  i logged on to collect my spin-to-win, attend a guild meeting, then logged off.  something has got to be making the auto-detection they have going on flagging me right off the bat.  anti-virus?  logitech drivers?  Discord?  Steam Overlay?   I gave up, already had the bank reverse charges, done with anything NCSoft.  Kinda sad, since i have been in on the opening of every game they offered to this day.  Have boxed copies of everything (except blade & soul because it wasnt available), even the Asmodian statue from the Aion pre-order which is awesome btw.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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