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On 3/3/2016 at 6:57 PM, Autumns said:

 corsair CUE for my mouse and keyboard or another mmo i had running in the background (DFO) but are those really bannable?

Just to shed some light on this:

-I use Corsair CUE for keyboard lighting (No macros recorded, maybe if you have a few recorded it triggers GameGuard)

-I use Razer synapsis for mouse settings (no issues here either; no macros either)

-I usually have Guild Wars 2 running in the background and switch to GW2 without turning BnS off.

-I also run few other games every now and then: Terraria, Starbound and Fallout 4 don't trigger anything.

-I've had a couple of installations while the game was running (although 1 friend said he got banned and only out of ordinary thing he did was software setup running while game was running)

-Browsers (on anything), media players, antivirus (Nod32) and drivers so far gave no issues either.


So far no bans for these things, although as mentioned above, 1 setup while game was running may have influenced a ban.



Edit: Also, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding keybinds. As far as generic user agreement goes it says that 3rd party software mustn't interact with game client. Unless the software you use to rebind keys modifies your keyboard layout, it works on software level. That means it captures whatever key you press and send whatever key you want it to press to the input receiving program (therefore interacting with it).

I know NCsoft stated rebinding keys is "OK", but their terms of use don't say it. I also doubt that green light has been properly implemented in game's security and there's a very good chance it triggers protection (while the real bots are farming their CPUs away....)

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