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Req. Mushin 8.1 Aegis skill explained.


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Hey so im playing as an assassin and trying to stealth combo him.


Fight 8.1


Eventually he activates a skill called Aegis which gives him an aura or soft shield without a cooldown that drains my focus or prevents my critting. I noticed I can break it eventually but does anyone have any info on it?


Can I cancel/prevent its activation (I see other people fight him where he doesnt use it. 


If he uses it how can I break it?

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It's basically a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage and then breaks. So the only way to break it is to damage. This is one of the things that makes 8.1 a DPS check because if you don't damage fast enough, it can waste a lot of time.


My strategy is to make sure I have good DPS throughout, but save my burst damage for when he puts up the shield and then wail on him.

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