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How to get rid of Bots in Dungeons and fix a problem

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There is a simple way to get rid of Bots in cross server matchmaking system.


When you join a regular queue you actually have to set yourself Ready, its not automatic like cross server matches.  While the team leader and the other players are not ready the game wont start, Im sure Bots would find a way to set theirselves "Ready", that is not the point, but this gives the party leader time to kick Bots before entering the dungeon! Also, when in a cross server match, players should be able to leave the team before the game launches. The way it is, once it finds another player we get locked in dungeon Lobby (unless you are leader) and are unabe to leave (sometimes you join the wrong dungeon and just wanna leave)


NCSoft, you can give us the tools until you come with a proper fix. You are just wasting your community time not helping us. Give us the means to prevent them from ruining your game AND our gameplay experiance.

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There is a vote kick system, but the way it works is that before leader can even see the option to kick, all other party members (with the exception of the bot/person being voted out) must vote to kick the bot in question. After that, the leader can see the option to kick and use it.

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It is getting worse.

I entered Tomb Of Exiles a few days ago only to find out the leader was a bot, no mistaking it with a name somethinglike abcwqu etc.

We had a full team, aswell, sadly we all had to leave.


I always remember Lineage 2 that had loads of bots in it, but they did manage to get it down.

Just hope they can get a work around soon I,m getting fed up reporting them.

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A lot of people seem confused as to how this process works, so I figured I would clear it up for everyone. I just recently found out, myself.


When you have a bot in your dungeon, the leader can't see the option to kick it (or anyone else for that matter). This is because every other party member must first click on the bot in question and then click the '...' icon and vote to kick it. Until every other person does this to the bot, the leader of the party won't even be able to see the option to kick. Hope this helps.

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Even without strange names to recognize them, just need to look how they move, even more, it's evident when you not watch one, several of them together, to be clear, not all the chars on the video are bots, maybe 3 or 4 are players, but is pretty obious who are bots.




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Group of botters. Several screens because I don't have any way to record video. video software isn't free >_>


AAANYWAYS here's a buncha screenies showing a group of pathetic botters too lazy to play the game on their own.

It should be pretty obvious which ones are and are not botters, though there are a couple behaving the exact same way that may not even be a part of the same bot group but are still botting.

Kinda easy to tell too, they keep dragging the boss outside his active zone making him reset and get back his health. They do it over and over and over and most of the time don't even kill the guy until a player steps in to help.









also yes i realize there's profanity in the chat. i do not care >.>

i'll take whatever punishment i get from that with pride. i'm still sick of these *cricket*ers coming in here with so little respect for the game that they can't even play it themselves.

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31 minutes ago, xiaoxiao181 said:

Group of botters. Several screens because I don't have any way to record video. video software isn't free >_>



Dxtory for recording and if you're really lazy use windows movie maker for editing. 


I've been using it for years on my gaming channel(kinda retired, no more big projects) and i've never looked back:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VwIg_EMP0J6vtETz6JEyQ


 It's the internet you can get anything if you look hard enough.



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