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biggest big on this game, is support group tbh


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Adrian Today at 03:39

Account Name: Mimicm@gmail.com
Offense: 3rd party program

We have reviewed the above action and found it and the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here:http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/. This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand.

NCSOFT Support Team

Mimicmm Today at 03:43
what? wha kind of 3rd party program ? 
I dont understand this at all? 
I did play the game normaly, since day 1 and worked on my charecter all the way with my clan. 

are you saying I did use a program besides the client to do something? 
I got a normal windows 10 installed, and the client, I got steelseries Headset and mouse. and the software for that installed. what else could it be then? 
My teamspeak client? or the skype? 
I dont get it.

eloi Today at 09:27

With regards to your concern, i'm afraid that we cannot disclosed any information to what you seek.
Also, we regret to inform you but as previously stated, the account has been permanently closed for violations of the User Agreement. This account will no longer be accessible and can never be reactivated. We are unable to provide you with any more detailed information regarding our detection methods. By displaying the information we have collected and sharing this with you, we would be supplying you with data that could be used in the future to avoid our methods of identification and detection.

At this time, I must also respectfully inform you that any additional appeals or inquiries regarding the action taken on the account will receive this same response.

NCSOFT Support Team

Mimicmm Today at 13:08
was a great game, but sice this is the case, i want my money back, i never ever did use any 3rd party program, my 30 clanie members will probly recall their money then, we did not get what we paid for. this is pure bullshit.
, i did not break any rules at all, i did follow ToS and agreenment, ive been reading thru it. cant find anything i did wrong.

Now you see how NCsoft work, I warn you to put money into NCsoft with premium
I also warn all of you of spending time on the game. you might get a ban without a reason!

Right now there is 1000's of people trolling their forums cause of it!

I will look into new games now then. Im not up to lvling a new char to 45, then get banned over again for no reason!
their support dint want to give me their reason for a ban even,

this game is not worth it, its a great game.. but the game lacks a staff and system that are for the players.
The servers will be empty after a while if they contiune and it will be only bots cause they leave the bots ingame, and ban the real people in it.

/Cheers Mimic, Chikablitz

Oh ill stick around on Teamspeak so we can enjoy a new game as a clan.

Was a good run on the BnS, to bad their support got nobrain.
what a loose of money they will suffer from just by banning people without reasons.



I did paste this from our clan forums. 

we will not invest more time on NCsoft unless they come up with a quick solution


- 30 players and premium cause of mistakes of the poor support crew they got,

- 1 of the only big clans in crimson legion on Spirit's Rest server

- the only clan with own website and every member on Teamspeak

- a bunch of great players for this community


This is what NCsoft wanted.



This is what they get



Ill warn every player that is in the game on it. cause they ban people without reason, and expect us to make new accounts and start over, WHY on earth do that if you just get banned over again?


And no, No glitches or 3rd party programs were used at all. ever.

We are a group of adult players +25 year of age on most of us. 




Was a blast playing this game, but terribad support group.

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