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Chat Broken on Taywong


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Chat is not working on Taywong, stopped working around 6 hours ago. Cannot pm anyone, no chat or messages show up in my box either.

I can see myself talking in /say chat but I am not sure anyone else can see.

Restarted whole computer

checked all settings

Defaulted all settings

restarted the game

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I am confirming the previous post as 100% accurate.

Why does this keep happening to the chat channels after new content gets released. This is the 6th or 7th time since release that this has happened. We cant recruit for our clans, use faction chat for PvP related issues, talk to our fellow clan mates etc... this makes an MMO very unsatisfying to play. Their's a lot of love for this game so please fix this issue once and for all so we can communicate!!!

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