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KFM vs Warlock


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so i am kinda scared right now, I was in an infernal tomb (as lvl 45 HM2) and I was farming achievements when I met my first warlock in a group and I just saw him 1 shotting enemies as a lvl 21.. with that kind of power on that level I am worried how broken they will be in pvp if they can already one shot at that lvl while they are supposed to be in blackram narrows o.o


any experienced player from korea or whatever got any hints to use in arena vs warlock? because hella scared xD (sitting around 1900-2000)

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as a WL player , i suggest you : 

- disable them, stun lock them , hug them

- if suddenly all your hits goes miss , retreat , they gonna do something big because they activated their Z , 5 seconds invicible

- if golden clock show up , try to stay at their six (behind) because they can hit you with wingstorm => dragon helix or dragoncalls , that will last 5 seconds with pretty good range ... 

- never target Thrall , you can kill it , they can summon it again, Thrall is not Cat , waste your time to a melee mob 


some small notes

- Thrall can pull you in them for the first time you are close to their melee range which can ruin your attack (i used to hide behind my bodyguard alot lol)

- If Thrall jump , prepare to SS , Jump = stun , stunned = send you to the sky

- if they stand still ... stun them mercilessly , some of their skills need time to activate, ruin it

- try your best staying at their six


WL is annoying in PvP thank for 8 seconds SS which chaining target

however lvl45+5 is not completed and their base hp is quite low 


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@EvaRench this has been very helpful! I appreciate the time you took to explain this to me/everyone who reads this


for the first few times facing a warlock will be hard but it will be a lot easier thanks to this! much love <3

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well, at least it just took me a 9 win streak with my mid30 WL to get gold. for lowlvl it is a fearsome opponent.


One addition to @EvaRench - always have an easy guardbreak ready or they just block you until you show an opening (Blockmaster v2!)

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