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Story Quest, Chapter 32 bug, can't start


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So I'm facing this quest with my Warlock, where I have to talk to an NPC. It's the first task in the Questchain, all I have to do is talk to the guy.


Now the problem, he is not on the map. When I press track quest, nothing really happens.

I then went on to find this guy myself, the quest states he's in the village, so I found him. He doesn't do anything for me tho.


I have found someone who had issues with this Quest on the Dojo:



I have no idea what XMM is, if it's even the same problem. (e: Okay it's not the same problem, since I don't have to deliver anything, I have to get the quest going before I can run into his issue.)


I reinstalled the game, I changed the language, nothing is fixing it. I can't proceed without fixing this bug, can someone please help?


This is the quest + npc + problem, I'm stuck.




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