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Lazy Art Shop [OPEN]


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Hello and welcome to my art shop!


-I am in servers Omnyung, Yunwa, Taywong, Gunma and Dochun. If you are not from any of those then we can meet up in the cross server dungeon lobby!

-Every piece (even sketches) will be colored! If you want a background to be added then we can talk about the price

-I will not start the piece unless paid first and I will not accept any orders if I am not finished with the current one

-Work In Progress shots will be pm'ed to you as frequently as possible so you can tell me if you want anything changed!

-No NSFW sorry!


clanmates get free art btw B)))) the power of friendship


Super Sketchy Squad Stuff (a messy chibi sketch piece with background of you and your friends fooling around and such)

[3 gold] per chara



Head shot [10 gold]

Bust [20 gold]

Full Body [30 gold]



[50 gold]



Head shot [50 gold]

Bust [70 gold]

Full Body [100 gold]


Thank you!


here's my scummoner nerd


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20 hours ago, JarlTheGummy said:

Summoners FTW and great art Captain


thank you!!

my reply keeps merging for idk reason and i have tried to edit it a lot of times and i give up sO HERE WE GO






my friend calls this team the mighty moustachio and the tiny pistachio

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my e.fleet/nsh laggy adventures


19% away from 45 and my net decides to forsake me, so im just gonna draw lmao


that moment when youre gliding and the game freezes, and when its back to normal you just fall to your death




in my warlock just an hour ago, i knocked down an opponent and he didnt get up, he was just sliding/slithering on the floor like a nerd but is still dealing damage on me



and right now, i died and could not revive by spamming 4

i could still talk in chat so i tried moving around, then i started sliding on the floor like the previous enemy

but im dead




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On 5/14/2016 at 1:56 PM, Puzami said:

A friend and myself are looking to drop some gold on some commissions in the next week or so, are you still open? 

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, but yes I am still open! We can talk about it further here or in messages * u *

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