This is the kind of support you get they promise to solve problems but make them permanent instead, yes i started to lose my shit at the end and i have not yet been unlocked  follow up ticket 4567473 from previous 3719204 ticket , you should feel embarrased of how you have been harrasing me for the past month and others, i will tell you this karma will come to you one day all of you.   This is a embarrasment to the whole mmo genre that you threat people like me as criminals but yet let the bots roam free how accomplished do you feel your system have been and your whole staff in general when you do stuff like this?   I have yet to see you solve this issue for me and everyone else, else i will take further actions and post this to every major game website there is and show them how you have been harrasing me and others, i will even contact the consumer agents and see if they can do something about this to top it all off i will send it out to the news papers in Sweden so you they can write about NCsoft in general.   I'm tired of this bullshit do you think you can take me and everyone else for a fool, your system is bullshit and you know it, if this isnt permanently fixed soon i will give you the war you started.   I will continue updating this topic with more support tickets as long as this issue keeps affecting me and you dont take actions to fix it permanently, if you decide to close this thread and continue to lock my account after unlocking it or even continue to have it locked. I have backup of everything i said here just to reopen a new topic just the way you have been harrasing me i will give some of it back and see how you like your own medicine this is mild compared to what i have been suffering from you guys.   Consider this a warning before i start to take alot of actions i had enough already, my patience have ran out.